Broadway at the Beach

No matter how tired Katelyn is she just keeps going like the energizer bunny!

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Myrtle Beach Encore Encore!

Another week in 2019

Surf is NOT up!

Well it was an offer too good to refuse. For the same price we paid for this week we are getting 7 more nights and 8 more days for the year 2019 here at Myrtle Beach. We will be sure to invite our dear friend Jackie and the Conlons to join us to repeat the week here in 2019. Perhaps Morgan and Matthew can join us this time and will be able to take vacation time off from work.

The offer included 75,000 Marriott points and a time period of 10 months to pay it off which was a very reasonable price to pay for 8 days and 7 nights.

This opportunity allows us to bank our 4000 points and take a nice 2 week vacation in the year 2019 as well as coming here to the beach.


Sail Away

This was my bucket list item for my ‘twins’, Matthew and Morgan, to go on a cruise with us before they went off totally on their own and would be too embarrassed to be seen with us on a vacation or for that matter anywhere!

We drove to Charleston to spend the night there before we boarded the ship on Monday morning with the port of calls being Nassau and Freeport. While in Charleston with the intention of walking around the old town and sightseeing, the only thing we saw were umbrellas that were trying to hold off the heavy downpour of rain that welcomed us to the city.

The cruise was relaxing with plenty of food and booze (just ask Matthew) along with excursions to the private beach

that the Carnival cruise line owns and then the Atlantis resort to have a round of drinks (I took out financing for 36 months without any finance charges.) 🙂

Matthew thought it would be fun to play Texas Hold ‘em on the ship where everything was digital: the dealer, the cards, the chips. Sadly for Matthew the money was real and lost about $400 over the course of the week. Then he decided to lose his lunch after a night out with some friends. Can’t win them all!

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New York City Downtown

After being away from the ‘city’ for over 14 years I made plans to pay my respects to those who lost their lives on 9/11. I was able to stay in NJ and then take NJ Transit to downtown NYC.

I will let the photo gallery do the rest of the narrative for me as words cannot express emotion for this event. And if time permits, take the trip yourself to visit NYC and pay your respects as well. Please remember it is a memorial and not a tourist attaction where you take ‘selfies’ and smile. It is a memorial not Disney World.

NYC Downtown

Charlotte TFY Anniversary

For the past two years we have been making Charlotte our destination to celebrate our anniversary which is also used to see our friend Marion. A win win situation.

It’s a great city with so many things to do, places to eat and homes to droll over! We saw some amazing neighborhoods surrounded by trees and bikes paths scattered throughout our time sent there over the long weekend.

We look forward to going every year!

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