Midtown at Night

After unpacking and having just traveled from 7am until 8pm (door to door) I still wanted to see the sights and sounds of a city that never sleeps.


Dirty Dogs!

Thinking that the dogs were barking at some deer in the backyard and not responding to come back in the house, I was forced to see what was causing them to bark without taking a breath. No deer in sight but their attention focused under the ramp going into the shed. Take a look at the video

Photo Gallery of Dirty Dogs

Papp’s Poker Palace

Papp’s Poker Palace In Need of Repairs

The man cave has been setup and electrified thanks for Matthew and his electrical skills acquired while working at Sloan Service Company. The only thing missing is the a/c unit put in the side of the walls.

The next phase will be rebuilding the shed with donations from the players based on the winnings that night we play. I would suspect that the major contributors will be Ken or Norm. Or there will be a hat passed around at the end of the evening looking for pity money to help an old guy (me) make ends meet to pay the mortgage on the shed.


New York City Midtown

The American flag always looks good no matter what it is on.

After living in New Jersery for more than 50 years, it took me moving to Raleigh to find the time to go to all the places I wanted to go to in NYC. I was glad to do the trip solo so that I would not have to worry about anyone keeping the pace that I set for myself going from site to site. And boy was it a pace for the entire day! The energy, the sites, the smells (some good some not so good) were great to experience during that one day in midtown. Looking forward to my next trip in October 2018 while staying at the Marriot hotel on 34th Street for four nights.

Blood. Better to Give than Receive.

PlateletsFor the past few months I have been donating platelets to help those individuals who are under going chemotherapy for cancer. I try to go every other week for the approximate three hour process. It takes about 45 minutes to go through all the paper work and setup the machine before they can start the donation process.

During the process both arms are incapacitated with needles in both arms making it tough to scratch you nose, ear or God forbid, SNEEEZE! Usually I watch a movie from Amazon or Netflix on one of my tablets to help pass the time.  The staff is extremely attentive to my comfort for chills or numbing of my lips, which is remedied by a couple of TUMs.

After the donation process your mind is a bit clouded and body is somewhat stiff from lying on the reclining chair where the donation takes place. There is a variety of snack and drink to get your mind straight before getting behind the wheel and heading back home.

Please consider becoming a donor of platelets.

Jesus Christ Superstar…

Was amazing to see and listen to on Thursday night. JesusChristSuperstarIt was surprising that the show was not sold out, but our seats were great and the singing gave you goose bumps. Standing ovations even during the performance not just at the end of the show!

We saw it on Thursday night at 730 and was approximately two hours with the intermission. Seats were great (just wish I had brought my others glasses for greater distance).

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