Sail Away

This was my bucket list item for my ‘twins’, Matthew and Morgan, to go on a cruise with us before they went off totally on their own and would be too embarrassed to be seen with us on a vacation or for that matter anywhere!

We drove to Charleston to spend the night there before we boarded the ship on Monday morning with the port of calls being Nassau and Freeport. While in Charleston with the intention of walking around the old town and sightseeing, the only thing we saw were umbrellas that were trying to hold off the heavy downpour of rain that welcomed us to the city.

The cruise was relaxing with plenty of food and booze (just ask Matthew) along with excursions to the private beach

that the Carnival cruise line owns and then the Atlantis resort to have a round of drinks (I took out financing for 36 months without any finance charges.) 🙂

Matthew thought it would be fun to play Texas Hold ‘em on the ship where everything was digital: the dealer, the cards, the chips. Sadly for Matthew the money was real and lost about $400 over the course of the week. Then he decided to lose his lunch after a night out with some friends. Can’t win them all!

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Boo Boo Birthday

Today, April 18, is the birth of our beautiful, talented, intelligent, charminBoo-1g (see paid me $20 so I have to keep going), warm, loving, and athletic daughter, Morgan Elizabeth, aka Boo Boo!

She was surprised to see her parental units in attendance while she was celebrating at the My Way Tavern in downtown Raleigh. Upon our arrival they were in the middle of a trivia game hosted by the tavern and the rivalry amongst the patrons was fierce.

Joining her at the celebration was her ‘friend’ Joe (aka Joey) who is not Jewish we just learned. Just sayin’! Along with her ‘friend’ there was Jessica, Taylor, Brady and Tara. Surprisingly they were sober and just munching on chips and salsa along with a variety of fried foods. My favorite: the pretzel bites. To die from! Here is the menu for your shopping convenience should you decide to go!

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Being the good dad that I am, I discreetly gestured to the server to hand me the bill to settle up the tab for the table. I figured as I get older the crew at the table might remember that and not push me down while I am using my walker! I can only hope that is the case 🙂

Happy Birthday Boo Boo!  You are loved by so many!