Boo Birthday

Today, April 18, was the birth of the beautiful, talent, intelligent, charminBoo-1g (see paid me $20 so I have to keep going), warm, loving, and athletic daughter, Morgan Elizabeth, aka Boo Boo.

She was surprise to see her parental units in attendance while she was celebrating at My Way Tavern in downtown Raleigh. Upon our arrival they were in the middle of a trivia game hosted by the tavern and the rivalry amongst the patrons was fierce.

Joining her at the celebration was her ‘friend’ Joe (aka Joey) who is not Jewish we just learned. Just sayin’! Along with her ‘friend’ there was Jessica, Taylor, Brady and Dana. Surprisingly they were sober and just munching on chips and salsa along with a variety of fried foods. My favorite: the pretzel bites. Too die from! Here is the menu for shopping convenience should you decide to go!

Gallery of photos.