Walking to Brooklyn for a Steak!

Took all day Thursday to explore from 37th down to Chinatown and then across the Williamsburg Bridge to have dinner at Peter Luger’s Steakhouse with my brother. So great doing this type of travel solo so as not to worry about keeping others happy and them getting tired!  Selfish? Maybe but it was GREAT!

More pictures to follow using SmugMug as my photo gallery with a plugin for Lightroom makes it easy to sort and upload photos. Along with watching WP videos on Lynda.com I am so glad I am retired!

Also have been building a new WP site on my localhost learning ‘stuff’ that will eventually be moved to production. 



Author: James Papanestor

Have been enjoying technology for many decades and now even at my age I still love learning more 'stuff' both with hardware and software.

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