Broadway at the Beach

No matter how tired Katelyn is she just keeps going like the energizer bunny!

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Myrtle Beach Encore Encore!

Another week in 2019

Surf is NOT up!

Well it was an offer too good to refuse. For the same price we paid for this week we are getting 7 more nights and 8 more days for the year 2019 here at Myrtle Beach. We will be sure to invite our dear friend Jackie and the Conlons to join us to repeat the week here in 2019. Perhaps Morgan and Matthew can join us this time and will be able to take vacation time off from work.

The offer included 75,000 Marriott points and a time period of 10 months to pay it off which was a very reasonable price to pay for 8 days and 7 nights.

This opportunity allows us to bank our 4000 points and take a nice 2 week vacation in the year 2019 as well as coming here to the beach.