30th Wedding Anniversary

I did? To him? No?

On this day, April 25, 1987, I married my best friend, Barbara Jean Owens. We met at the racquetball courts in Trenton, N.J. She was playing racquetball with her friend Bill Koetas and I was there with my good friend Jonathan Smith.

On a weekend afternoon Jonathan and I attended an Octoberfest in Plainsboro, N.J. where they both lived at the time. Barbara was wearing this oversized pink sweater while riding her bike through the event. Jonathan and I had a bit too much to drink, which was not unusual for us at the time, and apparently I stopped her while she was on her bike and asked her to go out. At least that is what she tells me anyway.

After dating about one year I asked her to marry me. How could she refuse? Probably after 30 years she should have known better than to put up with me but hey, everybody makes mistakes!

There are many good stories to share with lots of smiles and laughs and an occasional tear but it has been a good run so far and I look forward to many more as we get older. Time goes fast, we all know that especially as we get older. Our kids don’t quite see it that way yet but one day …

A gallery of photos of Barbara

A video of our wedding and honeymoon in Antigua

Happy Anniversary Muffy!

I love you.


Author: James Papanestor

Have been enjoying technology for many decades and now even at my age I still love learning more 'stuff' both with hardware and software.

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