Blood. Better to Give than Receive.

PlateletsFor the past few months I have been donating platelets to help those individuals who are under going chemotherapy for cancer. I try to go every other week for the approximate three hour process. It takes about 45 minutes to go through all the paper work and setup the machine before they can start the donation process.

During the process both arms are incapacitated with needles in both arms making it tough to scratch you nose, ear or God forbid, SNEEEZE! Usually I watch a movie from Amazon or Netflix on one of my tablets to help pass the time.  The staff is extremely attentive to my comfort for chills or numbing of my lips, which is remedied by a couple of TUMs.

After the donation process your mind is a bit clouded and body is somewhat stiff from lying on the reclining chair where the donation takes place. There is a variety of snack and drink to get your mind straight before getting behind the wheel and heading back home.

Please consider becoming a donor of platelets.


Author: James Papanestor

Have been enjoying technology for many decades and now even at my age I still love learning more 'stuff' both with hardware and software.

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