30th Wedding Anniversary

I did? To him? No?

On this day, April 25, 1987, I married my best friend, Barbara Jean Owens. We met at the racquetball courts in Trenton, N.J. She was playing racquetball with her friend Bill Koetas and I was there with my good friend Jonathan Smith.

On a weekend afternoon Jonathan and I attended an Octoberfest in Plainsboro, N.J. where they both lived at the time. Barbara was wearing this oversized pink sweater while riding her bike through the event. Jonathan and I had a bit too much to drink, which was not unusual for us at the time, and apparently I stopped her while she was on her bike and asked her to go out. At least that is what she tells me anyway.

After dating about one year I asked her to marry me. How could she refuse? Probably after 30 years she should have known better than to put up with me but hey, everybody makes mistakes!

There are many good stories to share with lots of smiles and laughs and an occasional tear but it has been a good run so far and I look forward to many more as we get older. Time goes fast, we all know that especially as we get older. Our kids don’t quite see it that way yet but one day …

A gallery of photos of Barbara

A video of our wedding and honeymoon in Antigua

Happy Anniversary Muffy!

I love you.


Rock Legends

On Saturday evening Katelyn, Barbara and myself took a drive out to The Clayton Center to see the concert “Rock Legends” performed by Billy McGuigan and his band. Amazing! The energy was high and the music memorable as Billy play over 20 songs with his bandmates.


Boo Boo Birthday

Today, April 18, is the birth of our beautiful, talented, intelligent, charminBoo-1g (see paid me $20 so I have to keep going), warm, loving, and athletic daughter, Morgan Elizabeth, aka Boo Boo!

She was surprised to see her parental units in attendance while she was celebrating at the My Way Tavern in downtown Raleigh. Upon our arrival they were in the middle of a trivia game hosted by the tavern and the rivalry amongst the patrons was fierce.

Joining her at the celebration was her ‘friend’ Joe (aka Joey) who is not Jewish we just learned. Just sayin’! Along with her ‘friend’ there was Jessica, Taylor, Brady and Tara. Surprisingly they were sober and just munching on chips and salsa along with a variety of fried foods. My favorite: the pretzel bites. To die from! Here is the menu for your shopping convenience should you decide to go!

Gallery of photos

Being the good dad that I am, I discreetly gestured to the server to hand me the bill to settle up the tab for the table. I figured as I get older the crew at the table might remember that and not push me down while I am using my walker! I can only hope that is the case ūüôā

Happy Birthday Boo Boo!  You are loved by so many!

Blood. Better to Give than Receive.

PlateletsFor the past few months I have been donating platelets to help those individuals who are under going chemotherapy for cancer. I try to go every other week for the approximate three hour process. It takes about 45 minutes to go through all the paper work and setup the machine before they can start the donation process.

During the process both arms are incapacitated with needles in both arms making it tough to scratch you nose, ear or God forbid, SNEEEZE! Usually I watch a movie from Amazon or Netflix on one of my tablets to help pass the time.  The staff is extremely attentive to my comfort for chills or numbing of my lips, which is remedied by a couple of TUMs.

After the donation process your mind is a bit clouded and body is somewhat stiff from lying on the reclining chair where the donation takes place. There is a variety of snack and drink to get your mind straight before getting behind the wheel and heading back home.

Please consider becoming a donor of platelets.

Pita Party!

Today we baked a Greek Spanakopita (Pita forpita short) to have with our Easter on Sunday. As usual, I was a big help in the kitchen (only kidding Barbara) and was tasked with squeezing out the water from the spinach and then cut it up into small, bite sized pieces. After that grueling assignment I then had to chop up 1/4 of a pound of feta cheese. Finally, I had to blend the ingredients to be added to the baking tray and then topped off with the philo dough. Whew!


Jesus Christ Superstar…

Was amazing to see and listen to on Thursday night. JesusChristSuperstarIt was surprising that the show was not sold out, but our seats were great and the singing gave you goose bumps. Standing ovations even during the performance not just at the end of the show!

We saw it on Thursday night at 730 and was approximately two hours with the intermission. Seats were great (just wish I had brought my others glasses for greater distance).

Photo gallery


Emerald Isle House Cleaning


Always looking to improve themselves and their surroundings, these fine young then¬†ventured upstairs to tackle the bedrooms¬†before the next chaperone arrives the evening of April 12th.¬† Shown in the image is what the room looked like after the young men finished with the first of the four bedrooms. I suspect house cleaning is not one of their strengths. Just sayin’.